Company profile


Company profile

  Flower cat Technology Co. Ltd the initial registered capital of 50 million 100 thousand yuan. Is a company specializing in projection display technology product development, production and sales company. The company relies on Nanyang optoelectronic industry base and Henan Photoelectric Industrial Park supporting advantages, has produced "HD ultrashort laser focus projection TV, high-definition laser education projector" and "HD laser projectors" series of products. These products are widely used in home theater, wisdom education, engineering display and other fields.

  High definition laser ultra short focus projection tv:

  Laser display is the fourth generation display technology. Design of ultra short throw projector can greatly shorten the projection distance of common projection, can make projection TV like on the TV cabinet, so as to break through the traditional flat-panel TV shows the larger the size of the more expensive the price limit, successfully opened a large size display into the road home. The laser light source color saturation, color, and high brightness, the daytime curtains can see, the projection product realization and application function of TV, and the display screen to get on the big, big screen theater viewing at home can enjoy.

  High definition laser education projector:

  It is a new application of laser projector in the education industry. The utility model has the advantages of high brightness, long service life, and light source, and the light source can be used for more than 20000 hours. The whole machine adopts the new dustproof design, which can effectively reduce the damage to the projector. And the display screen can be adjusted, according to the teaching needs of the school, easy to achieve 80 to 120 inches display.

  High definition laser projector:

  There are many kinds of projector, and the brightness is from 5000 lumens to 80000 lumens. Suitable for a variety of Engineering applications. In recent years, with the use of laser projection in the Olympic Games and the G2O summit, the application of laser projectors in the field of engineering is becoming more and more frequent. High brightness laser engineering projector can truly achieve seamless fusion display and the need for special display, according to the needs of the designer to display any shape of the screen. Super large rectangular screen, arc display screen, spherical display screen, 3D holographic display screen and so on are required to achieve laser engineering projector.