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Laser TV: will become the protagonist of the living room (the beauty of the big screen)

  Time flow is another year to the Spring Festival, a "I want to go home", touch the number of thousands of wandering. The concept of the family in the hearts of the Chinese people occupy an important position, and the fast pace of life and the mobility of the group is bit by bit to dilute the family and the taste, "often go home to see", " Speak "the will of the family is getting stronger and stronger.

  Childhood living room, television is the family exchange, entertainment around the center, play an important role, a large family around the TV to watch the program, talk about how smiled smile. However, with the popularity of smart phones, the traditional living room communication mode is destroyed, young people are more keen on smart phones to bring "mobile life." And now a new living room model, with its unique interaction and experience, is expected to young people once again pulled back to the living room. This new model is the large-screen laser TV, its new viewing, gaming and social experience, is being sought after by young people.



  Laser TV highlights the beauty of big screen

  Regardless of the future of OLED, QLED or laser display technology dispute how the future, you can determine the TV screen size upgrade will be a big trend. While the reduction in manufacturing costs, as well as high-definition, 2K, 4K content rich in resources, are in the era of promoting large television.

  Large screen of the body now in many ways, a large enough TV screen to occupy the human eye in the larger picture area, closer to the actual visual experience, so to provide a more realistic telepresence. And a large enough screen can also significantly enlarge the TV screen, allowing users to clearly identify the details of the screen. 100-inch relative to the 48-inch, 60-inch TV to bring the visual sensory effect of the upgrade can be said to be subversive. In addition, as the center of the living room, television is often able to reflect the family style and taste. If placed a small screen TV, can not help but look some shabby. The flower cat 100-inch laser TV with its less than 10KG lightweight host body, thickness 1 cm ultra-thin screen advantage, very suitable for home use. Its 3D effect makes people immersive, more bring theater-level enjoyment, these are more and more families choose laser TV reasons.20170426_113151_017.jpg


  In the home theater, the initial use of CRT, PDP direct, and later eliminated by the LCD. However, the LCD screen size to reach more than 100 inches, the price will be as high as several hundred thousand yuan, not the average home theater users can afford. The projection technology after 20 years of development has been very mature, with the projector's price, supplies continue to reduce and performance, the effect of continuous improvement, has changed the original aristocratic image. Laser TV can easily cast 100 inches, the price is only one-tenth of the price of LCD TV. In addition, laser TV as a light source as a light source, its life can reach 20,000 hours, for home users, to achieve a zero maintenance costs, making the cost of large-screen TV dropped significantly, for the family into the bedding.



  Laser TV into the living room protagonist

  In the LCD and OLED TV competition intensified when the laser TV to join, on the one hand for consumers to buy large-size products to provide a new choice, on the other hand also make the lively TV display technology competition has become more "noisy" The In fact, laser TV has opened a gap in the field of large-screen display, its market share is gradually increasing. 2016 is known as the first year of laser TV. There is no doubt that the laser TV is expected to become the next living room "new protagonist".

  Into 2017, at the just-concluded CES show, the domestic laser TV products become a major highlight, attracting a lot of attention. As a new living room experience, laser TV is being accepted and recognized by more and more families. It is expected that this year, laser TV will become a strong competitor in the field of large-screen TV.