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Cool laser water curtain projection

  Laser water curtain projection refers to the use of laser projection on the water curtain to play video and images, composed of the laser system and water curtain system.

  The technology uses a variety of scientific principles, such as hydraulics, optics, acoustics, and so on, combined with a variety of modern science systems to create a three-dimensional, dynamic type of media. Compared to the old show mode, its dynamic and realistic art form, changeable gorgeous presentation mode was widely appreciated by the audience.



  The water curtain projection through high-pressure water pump and special water curtain generator will emit water speed, fog formed after the water curtain screen, projector image projected by the special special in the "screen", the formation of the movie.

  The water curtain is usually up to 20 meters, 30-60 meters wide, the water curtain projection screen when playing with strong stereoscopic sense and sense of space, people like flying sky or drops from the sky, blend with the natural sky, a dream and with no reality whatever feeling, coupled with laser field pattern, face more ambitious of great momentum.

  When viewers watch the movie, the surface of the water curtain and the natural sky together, when the figure out of screen, create a fantastic feeling and with no reality whatever, fascinating.