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Laser TV 100 inches, only LCD TV price of 20% (no crane can be installed)

  A lot of talk about the topic of laser TV, but it was found that the concept of laser TV is still not clear, today we talk about what is a laser TV?

  Let us first look at the development of television technology. Before 2000, mainly to CRT TV, the TV can only do the maximum size of 34 inch is difficult to break; 7 years later, LCD has gradually become the mainstream flat-panel TV, but the TV picture quality and thickness is still the bottleneck of technology; at present, our TV requirements not only remain in the quality and thickness, is the size of the pursuit, so LED television has become a substitute for LCD lead; the next five years, leading the fourth generation laser TV TV technology rise, the big screen, the protection of the eyes, more cost-effective fourth generation TV will become the new choice of the living room.


  Why does laser TV appear? Mainly because of the size of LCD TV has peaked, while the 55 inch LCD TV very much, but once the size of the LCD TV to reach more than 60 inches, prices began to surge, especially the 100 inch LCD TV, at the price of hundreds of thousands, and almost ordinary consumers insulated. Moreover the volume is big, the weight is heavy, has caused the enormous inconvenience to the household and the installation, the crane has used.


  According to the PRC's prediction, 75 inches above the TV sales in 2016 66 thousand, 2017 233 thousand, 2018 653 thousand, the future of large screen market will rapidly increase the quantity of explosive, obviously can not use LCD TV products to meet, because its price decline cannot keep up with the demand. And the size of LCD TV, installation and handling problems, power consumption problems are not resolved, so the emergence of laser TV products.


  Laser TV is the use of ultra short focal length projection design principle, can be placed directly on the TV cabinet will be able to cast a super large display screen, very suitable for large size TV into the family of this market trend. It doesn't have to be projected 100 inches to a height of about two or three meters from the traditional projection. It is a reflection of the principle of reflection, light source is not directly into the user's eyes, so compared to flat-panel LCD TV is more eye protection.


  Laser TV is a laser light source. It has a long life, high brightness and color. To achieve full HD display, and because it is the principle of laser projection imaging is more suitable for 3D images. And the interface is complete, whether it is connected to the computer, player, cell phone, or set-top box can be used. It also built Android system, under the conditions of the network can be used directly to see large tracts of Android systems.