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New display: laser display will become the protagonist

  Under the joint efforts of national policy support and industry chain related enterprises, China's flat panel display industry has made great progress. By 2016, the initial realization of the upstream equipment, materials and spare parts of the large-scale production capacity, the establishment of a local matching system. Shows that the industry's ability to enhance self-sufficiency shows that China's display industry is increasingly perfect local industrial chain, supporting system gradually formed.

  National policy to encourage and support

  Especially since 2011, the new display as a new generation of technology industry in the core of the basic industry, a large number of national level policy support and funding.

  Summary of relevant policies of China's new display industry in 2011-2016



  Laser display leading large market

  In large size display applications, the laser display is far superior in color gamut, brightness, life, energy cost and other core performance indexes of the existing mainstream technology -- TFT-LCD, which can meet the consumer demand for large size and low cost. Especially in the 80 inches above the level of the application market, laser display technology can protect the display effect of the product is not affected by the size, in terms of scale and production efficiency has a prominent advantage. At the same time, the core device of the laser display is the projector, which is small in size and light in weight, and brings great convenience to the carrying and installation of the after sale.

  Our country has a very solid foundation in laser display technology research, through careful deployment of the national "863 Plan" scientific planning, has been established from the core optical materials and devices, semiconductor and solid-state lasers, to the full integration of the technology chain, and spare no effort to promote the industrialization of laser display.