Laser engineering projection


High definition laser projector


  Flower cat laser engineering machine is a new light bulb without laser projector, new life up to 20000 hours, with HD bright high contrast features; the brightness of 8500 lumens / high resolution (WXGA/HD) / high contrast 10000:1) it can be widely used in science hall, business / medical and academic institutions and other places; to meet the needs of users, for users to create free experience, enjoy the high quality picture.  

(1), technical advantages and characteristics:

Laser light source, no light bulb more peace of mind   

  20000 hours long life

  * 24 x 7 uninterrupted work

  Light bulb trouble

  Consistent color accuracy

  DLPBrilliantColorTM Technology

  Wide color gamut, true color reduction

  High color purity, bright color

  Convenient installation

  * 360 degrees unlimited installation

  Short shot matching

  Moving the projector without fear of the lights


  Light bulb design to reduce heavy metal emissions

  Reduce power consumption, green environmental protection

  Reduce operating costs

  Reduce operating costs of replacement parts

  Reduce the cost of user maintenance

  Enhance user product usage cycle

  Extreme brightness performance

  Laser source brightness decay slowly

  The quality of the picture is not reduced due to time

  (2) laser engineering projector parameters:



(3) engineering case