Laser projection


Laser projector

  Flower cat ultra short focus projector is based on a laser technology, combined with the ultra short focus lens, full color, clear image, lasting brightness, big picture, 0 features and 0 maintenance and 0 radiation, pollution, education projector, multimedia teaching breaks through the traditional image and visual experience. Ultra short focus laser projector to make the presentation more exciting!

  High brightness

  New telecentric optical path design, wider light transmission channel, just to make your world more bright. Brightness up to 3600 lumens, not limited by ambient light, even in the daytime do not pull curtains also watch.

  Ultra long life, maintenance free

  Source: Arias laser wavelength: 455nm; life: 25 thousand hours. Long service life, maintenance free.

  Ultra quiet operation

  The working noise of the whole machine (standard mode) is controlled below 30 dB, which makes our class more quiet.


  Open and close, no need to wait

  The boot can be 100% brightness, not like traditional light projector, to process the brightening; using the direct power off without waiting for the heat after appearing in use even if unforeseen circumstances lead to power there is no need to worry about.

  7 days x 24 hours

  Efficient cooling system design and development, high stability of laser source, the ultra short focus projector can guarantee 7 x 24 continuous work, and the brightness and color saturation attenuation is extremely slow, for your teaching and demonstration work to provide more reliable protection.



  Sealed optical path design

  The utility model has the advantages that the ultra short focus projector is realized, and the super dust inside the projector is realized.

  80 inch projection distance of only 39 cm

  Ultra short focus laser projector with built-in mirror new design, break through the limit projection distance, 0.233 (WXGA type) projection ratio, easy to achieve 39 cm 80 inch large screen projection (XGA type projection ratio is 0.276:1,80 inch screen projection distance is only 47 cm), to solve the glare and eye shadow projection interference problem let us show, more convenient.



  Full range of interfaces

  Input interface: HDMI*3, VGA*1, Video*1, S-video*1, audio *1, audio (minijack3.5mm) *1, Component*1Output interface: VGA*1, *1 (minijack3.5mm), Trigger12V*1, *1USB (SPDIF-) interface: USB (TypeminiB) *1, USB-A*1 control interface: RS232*1

  Intelligent ECO mode

  No signal for more than five minutes, automatically enter standby mode to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

  Security guard

  Using Kensinton anti-theft lock jack, password and other security features, users can sit back and relax;

  Screen type calibration

  Support for blackboard, green board, whiteboard and other preset color projection;

  Demo timer function

  The display time can be displayed on the projection screen, which helps to better control the time in the demonstration;

  Remote control PC mouse function

  When the external VGA signal, through the USB connection PC and the projector, the remote controller can be connected to the PC mouse, easy to manipulate PC;

  Corner adjustment and keystone correction

  The four corners of the projection screen can be adjusted, and the adjustment of the eight points can be achieved, and simultaneously, the trapezoidal correction function of the horizontal and the vertical direction of the two directions is more than or equal to 30 degrees;

  network monitoring

  Through a computer you can monitor all the cameras connected to the local area network. Monitoring the projector installed in different rooms has become a simple task.

  Remote assistance function

  Through the network in a PC, you can set the projector at a predetermined time to boot, shutdown or switch to the specified input signal source, greatly improving the efficiency of the work.

  Modular dust design, bid farewell to the filter

  Modular, integrated design, the power module, the light source component, optical component into three independent parts, independent   dustproof, and the light source machine and optical double sealing dustproof design, the optical design of sealing, to ensure the safety in the use of laser and anti invasive check dust particles, full closed optical components it can stop the dust effectively against, even if there is no filter, can long time keep the brightness not due to the intrusion of dust and cause decay.

  Multiple functions

  Custom boot screen, signal fast automatic search, support for high altitude, with 3D display function, no signal automatic sleep; screen local amplification; a key screen hidden